The sky is the limit

What is ambiance?

‘The character and atmosphere of a place’, according to the Oxford dictionary, with synonyms such as ‘atmosphere, aura, mood, feeling, character, quality, impression, spirit’. Such words could also be used to describe Skydeck. To put it another way, Skydeck is synonymous with ambiance. Whatever your goal: to celebrate with friends and family, to impress clients, to make your mark, Skydeck is the means. Skydeck creates the mood. Skydeck has the ambiance.

Venue & Accessibility

The venue consists of three main areas to choose from, or combine: the vast exposition area, the functional board room and the lavish lounge. Added to this, there is a balcony overlooking Teuge Airport and its serene surroundings. Granted, the inner city of Amsterdam has some rather fascinating places as well. But don’t even think of parking there. Skydeck has ample parking space: one hundred and seventy five cars easily. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, close to the medieval town of Deventer and equidistant from Dusseldorf and Rotterdam. For those who prefer to fly, Skydeck is easily accessible by business jet from any destination within Europe. On every count, Skydeck delivers.

A team for all occasions

Depending on your briefing, we cater, serve and accommodate. Taking the coats, serving the drinks, preparing the food; our Indonesian-Dutch rice table is a treat your guests will never forget. Music, lighting, audio-visual pleasures, Skydeck has the equipment, the experience and the manpower to realize everything you could possibly promise your guests. On the other hand, should you prefer to bring your own hands, entertainment, food and/or drinks: be our guest!

The facts and the numbers

With one thousand square metres, Skydeck can accommodate up to five hundred guests with space for one hundred and seventy five cars. There is free WiFi, state of the art audio-visual facilities and high power electricity. Thirty square metres of terrace, one hundred and ten square metres of lounge area. Skydeck can meet all your desires.


Skydeck means luxury, lavishness & comfort. Contacting Skydeck is simple and straightforward: call us, mail us, visit us.

Address: SKYDECK, de Zanden 167, 7395 PG Teuge, The Netherlands


Call: +31 55 2032135

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