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De Zanden 167
7395 PG Teuge (Voorst)

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Flying, Prestige and Lounging


Welcome to Teuge Airport! The airport with the longest paved airstrip in the middle of the Netherlands. And so it is perfectly suitable for both (commercial) planes as well as business jets. This airport also offers ample professional and safe accommodations for maintenance, fuel and other essential aspects. In short, Teuge Airport offers a total flying package. You can reach this special, rurally situated airport without the nuisance of tailbacks. And once you are airborne, you have access to destinations in all corners of the world. In addition, there is a spirit of pure, unmistakable and unprecented love for flying in Teuge. Enthusiasts meet one another here and their guests are more than welcome as well.


Everything at Skydeck has the spirit of convenience, service and accessibility. And this is obvious right from the start at the entrance. Or even more so: before that, as you can effortlessly park your automobile on the secured and spacious parking deck of the Skydeck. That alone guarantees you can feel relaxed on arrival. And once you are inside? The spacious passenger lift to the two floors of the Skydeck render the entire Skydeck complex readily accessible for everyone. From young to old. A pleasure for everyone, without restrictions. And no delays, not even in welcoming large groups of guests.

Meeting accommodation/consultation deck

plattegrond vergaderen
The spacious accommodation with its own pantry is a revelation. The place to be for organising your meetings. Suitable for both large and smaller settings. Of course, all of the modern digital means of communication are present. An omen for perfect multimedial presentations. The number of guests that you can welcome on this level? A maximum of 100 in a theatre arrangement on a floor area of 125 m2. For private presentations, top meetings, product introductions and more. Tasteful in three dimensions, stylish for your special occasion.

Lounge deck and Skydeck

plattegrond lounge
Enter the Executive room. Specially designed for high-quality lounging and for welcoming your VIP’s. Is the weather good? Then the sky is the limit out on the spacious outdoor terrace that offers all the privacy you need for yourself and your guests. A hotspot for an unparalleled sunset. While enjoying a cocktail and a culinary high-quality snack. Suitable for a maximum of 30 people with a floor area of 110 m2. High-level relaxation, lounging with kindred spirits. This will certainly give your conversations a boost…

Multifunctional hangar

plattegrond hangaar
This multifunctional hangar with no less than 1000 m2, offers limitless possibilities and can be used to your own taste for exclusive product fairs, the introduction of a new model automobile, a press introduction of a new CD and much, much more. Or what about a party for 500 guests? Let us know what you want: we will make it happen! With permanent WIFI, free of charge and the use of high-voltage current. As an extra bonus, you and your guests can get in and out of a plane of you choice at the (hangar)door. Of course, you can steer for virtually every destination in Europe.

Parking accommodation

Our spacious parking facility can easily accommodate 175 cars. They can be safely parked within the fences of Skydeck. Of course, you can reach this destination without any tailbacks, taking the A50 or the A1 via lovely, shady roads. And so your trip in the sky has a lovely start on the ground. This parking facility can also be used to erect exclusive tents for larger manifestations. An outdoor party with a luxury indoor feeling.


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For inquiries regarding availability, rental prices and more, please mail and/or call Info@theSkydeck.nl - 06 553 24 313.
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